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Om Tarang Magazine Was Started Fifteen Year Back in Chandigarh Branch & Now Persent Time Publishing Started in Dehradun (Uttarakhand) Branch Back July 2015. It is Totally devoted to Cows means you will get a lot of information through this magazine about Cows. Main contents of Om Tarang Magazine are:

Monthly Punchang :

Dhenu Manas : It will explain 4 chaupai and 1 doha of Dhenu manas in detail. Very interesting section to read.
Yoga & Health Tips : It will explain Yoga and health tips for human life.
Monthly Gau Ktha Pravachan Of Guru Ji : It will explain Guru ji Gau katha pravachan very easy language. We can see the importance of cows in Dhenu manas.
Gau Ganga & Himalaya : It will explain Gau Gavya & Treatment knowledge belong to Gau mata with Explain Ganga or Himalaya Mahima.
You can realize this after reading the explanation mentioned in Om Tarang.

Subscription fee

200 / 1 Year

500 / 3 Year

2100 / 15 Year

Mode of Payment
Deposit the fee in :-
Bank PNB (Punjab National Bank)
Account Name Om Tarang
Account Number 0111000110812255
NEFT PUNB0011100
Branch Asteley Hall, Dehradun
Amount can also be paid through Money Order, DD or Cheque(in favour of Om Tarang) at following address: Shri Gopal Golok Dham Rameshwari Bhakti Ashram, Shanti Vihar, Ajabpur Kalan, Mothrowala Road, Dehradun (U.K) – 248001
After fee submission, please confirm the amount once by dropping us a mail :-
Or Call us on any of the below Numbers : 0135 - 2532183, 09412968738