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About Trust

The aim of "Gopal Golok Dham Trust " is to spread culture of gau Ganga throughout India and to encourage natural healing. India is a Adhyatamparayana country. Western countries where the work activities and policies are motivated by selfishness, While charitable primacy in India. For ourself to hurt or kill any creature to her iniquity has been considered. Indian culture has never accepted it.

As far as the question of cow from the start of our sage cow is regarded as best creatures of nature by our rishi muni, also cow is considered the mother of the world. In the Vedas the cow called as "aghnya". It is shown Awdhy the cow, ie in any case can not be cow slaughter. "Aghany" means - which is neither one nor troubling themselves suffered. So from the start Indian rulers protect the state to Govansh , and regarded it Awdhy. In those days the cow campaign was sentenced to life.

Gopal Golok Dham Trust

  • Gopal Golok Dham (dairy) to serve Cows in various areas of India.
  • Work areas and to establish centers of attention to dissemination of Indian culture.
  • Yoga training centers at various locations to establish.
  • General public to provide free education system based on ancient cultural tradition of Gurukul schools to establish.
  • Poor to public libraries, research centers and study centers to establish.
  • Religious and technical knowledge, etc. to achieve the functions.
  • Establishment of public libraries, research centers and study centers to poor people.
  • Religious and technical knowledge to achieve the functions.
  • Establishment of hospital , public schools to poor people.
  • Establishing animal hospitals to animal.
  • Ayurvedic plants and herbs to grow and their conservation.
  • To environmental protection and afforestation, etc.
  • From Gaushalas Goghree, Gaumutr and other items get built Ayurvedic medicine for the needy.
  • The studies to help poor and talented students Providing scholarship.
  • Yoga and Natural treatment to dissemination of.
  • De-addiction and crime mobilization for liberation.
  • Creating awareness towards human rights of every human.
  • To encourage research work on Indian culture.
  • Religious functions and religious festivals held periodically to get.
  • Preserving the sanctity of holy rivers Ganga and mobilization for.
  • Ashrams, Dharmshalaoa , temples and other religious sites get built.
  • Dissemination to whole India and the world ,culture of cow Ganga.
  • Gopal Golok Dham Trust " Work
  • Yet produce nearly 27 gaushala Uttaranchal and has been in different parts of the country.
  • In gaushala these disposable cows are served, which can not be any profit.
  • Gopal mani ji Maharaj's Aim of building gaushala, to preserve the ancient culture of gau & ganga .and also gau is to be declared the national mother.
  • More than 700 locations far from their vibrant voice Maharaj Ji have discourses Ram Katha.
  • Maharaj Ji have yoga meditation camps at various places .
  • To protect cows shasra chandi and lakshya chandi has been organized by Maharaj Ji in Golok Gopal Dham Uttaranchal Chopardhaar