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Divine Cow Protection Mission works from the generous donations given by the people. We appreciate your benign and generous donation.

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DhenuManas Vichar

Extracts from ‘Dhenu Manas’ Granth which started the massive awareness for Mother cow and her progeny.

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Our Mission

To provide prestige to Cow as Mother of the Nation and fulfilling the resolution of Cow Slaughter Free Bharat.

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Bhartiya Gau Kranti Manch

Under the banner of BGKM we are fighting for prestige of Mother cow throughout India. BGKM is the largest organization which working actively for GauMata.

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Gau Katha

  • On 23 Feb 2014 about 1 lakh of Gaubhakts stood up for declaring cow as mother of the nation.
  • Date 13 Sep - 17 Sep
  • Venue Pared Ground Dehradun

Mission 2018

  • A massive revolution will be held at Ramlila Maidan with millions of Gaubhakts on 18 Feb 2018
  • Date 18 Feb 2015
  • Venue Ramlila Maidan Delhi

Divya ‘DHENU MANAS’ Sadgranth

It’s a Granth which is totally devoted to Cows which consist of 5 SARG, 450 DOHAS and 3600 CHAUPAI’s. In 2005 Gau Samvardhan lakshya chandi mahayagya is organized at Chopadhar in Uttarkashi district of Uttarkhand where about 108 Brahmans continuously do Yagna for 6 Month under the divine presence of Gaumata which form Dhenu Manas. This granth is the base of ‘Gaukatha’ throughout the world. The granth contains the divine saga of mother cow which extract importance of Gaumata in mythology, role in economy and medical benefits scientifically. It is the internal experience and complete gyan of Pujya Sri Gopal mani ji Maharaj about Cows which came in the form of Dhenu Manas Granth.


Om Tarang is the official monthly magazine of Shri Gopal Golok Dham . It is Totally devoted to Cows means you will get a lot of information through this magazine about Cows. It consist of extracts from Dhenu Manas sadgranth, Yoga and health, monthly gaukatha pravachan and schedule, articles on importance of Gaumata.

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